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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We are trained to offer garage door replacement and opener maintenance

Read about the experience other people had with our company. Here you will find their testimonials

Protected from garage door accidents

Our little girl was almost entrapped under the overhead door and this was probably our wrong doing since we let her play around the garage system, which was not even maintained recently. But who actually expects extreme problems? Nobody does until accidents happen. One of our friends recommended calling Garage Door Repair San Rafael. The amazing thing was that the technician was in our house quickly. He was all equipped and ready to fix the problem. I admired such good professionals. The problem with the reverse mechanism was solved immediately. I truly thank this garage door company for its fast emergency service.

Garage door replacement became unnecessary

It was time to replace the existing garage door or so we thought! It was pretty old, truly abused and dented but the technicians of Garage Door Repair San Rafael insisted that its replacement wasn't necessary. They insisted on trying to repair it instead. They did their tricks with all these tools they carried along and the truth is that after some hard work on their behalf, our overhead door was practically a new overhead garage door. Amazing! The cost was reasonable and was nothing compared to what we would have paid for with another company. Great job, guys!

Surprising good spring repair service

We hadn't hired Garage Door Repair San Rafael prior to this and we were really impressed by their services. We had some problems with our overhead door and believed that garage door springs needed adjustment but wouldn't dare do it on our own. This company was recommended by some friends and I can honestly say that the service was great. The technician came over on time and adjusted the overhead door springs right away. The most amazing thing was his punctuality and courtesy. We weren't used to such good professionals and it made a difference!

Fixed track and roller issues

My noisy garage door urged me to find a professional contractor for service. One of my friends suggested Garage Door Repair San Rafael and the techs came over the same day I called to check my overhead door. They adjusted the garage door tracks and lubricated the rollers. Their fasteners needed tightening and overall, the whole system needed a good tune up. They were wonderful! I never met such dedicated technicians. They were thorough and all noises disappeared.

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