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At Garage Door Repair San Rafael we are more than just garage door replacement & installation professionals.  Our garage door company offers more garage door services then most of our competition offers altogether.  However, our garage door contractor does not focus on our competition; we focus on our customers.  Perhaps this is why we have established such a unique bond with the residents of San Rafael.  We specialize in many great services and excel in garage door replacement & installation and our customers have made it all possible.  We have worked hard to get our customers to turn to only us for their garage door needs and we are dedicated to making sure we never let them down.Garage Door Replacement in California

ou shouldn't deal with garage door problems alone! Let us give you a helping hand! We are professionals and have the means, knowledge and expertise to offer residential emergency repair, maintenance, and installation services. Our experts replace broken springs and other worn parts, make adjustments and specialize in openers.

Having a hard time opening the overhead door? Our professionals can help you in no time. We provide emergency garage door repair, troubleshooting and more! Issues related to the balance of the door, springs, tracks and openers are handled the same day. You can trust us to maintain the mechanism, install and adjust new doors, and replace damaged parts.

Our garage door contractor is San Rafael is well aware of the community’s pursuit to achieve the best possible curb appeal.  Everyone is trying to make changes that will inevitably boost their curb appeal in the area in which they live.  This task can be accomplished in numerous ways including the replacement of garage doors and garage door windows.  You would be surprised how much your curb appeal can be enhanced by adding a new garage door to the premises.  The old beat up garage door just does not get it anymore.  Customers want special; unique.  At our garage door company we do our best to provide them with solutions that will make them happy for many years to come.

Our garage door company/contractor in San Rafael makes the process of improving curb appeal easy by providing the best garage door replacement & installation services in the city.  Our garage door techs can replace garage door or garage door windows quickly and effectively.  Our techs are seasoned veterans who know their way around garage doors.  We offer a variety of styles and designs; stocked specifically to win you over.  In addition, we offer garage doors in a wide choice of materials as well.  Here are some of the materials we offer:

Aluminum garage doors – these garage doors look great, are lightweight, and will certainly improve your garage door appearance.

Wood garage door – there is classic about the good old wood doors.  Of course you can find in our choice wood doors of the past and new ideas for the future.

Steel garage doors – steel delivers on toughness and durability.  These doors last a long time but they are very heavy as well.  Regardless, these doors look great on your garage.

Glass garage doors – the new wave of garage doors these doors are supported by aluminum alloy and will add glamour and elegance to any garage.

Craftsman garage doors – this brand has been around for years and has become one of those household names everyone trusts.

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